Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Three Shows I'm in the Middle of Watching

So here's what I'm up to, TV show-wise. These aren't reviews;  I'm not finished with these shows. This is more of what I'm enjoying at the moment. I'm only about 6-8 episodes in on all these shows, so it's not like I have a full idea of what these shows are about, or if they're even good all the way through. I just wanna share the cool stuff I'm watching, hence the blog post.

The anime adaptation of the Count of Monte Cristo is incredibly gripping, with lots of twists and turns to make the show more than entertaining. So entertaining, in fact, that I bought the book at a used book sale! Now I know its not entirely faithful, but if the anime is a tenth as awesome as the book... I look forward to finishing both.

Oh, and the art style is awesome. It's divisive, but I'm one of the people who'll swear by their presentation.

How in the blue hell is this show 74 episodes long?? I'm about 6 episodes in, and these sorts of plots are... NOT 74 episodes long??? I don't get it. I genuinely don't. A story about a good doctor who accidentally heals a serial killer doesn't last this long...


Looks like I'm hopelessly hooked anyway. God, this show is awesome.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Admittedly, this show doesn't rank in the same type of awesome as these other two shows, but that doesn't stop Avatar from being cool in its own way. The fire benders are, by far, the most interesting characters in the show as of episode 8. Now to just find out why the chief fire bender's such a prick. All in due time.

S'yeah, those are the shows I'm watching the at the moment. I think they're pretty awesome so far and, by the general reviews I've heard from my friends, they end pretty well too. Will they? Some day I'll write a full review.