Thursday, March 1, 2012

Situational Blindness: Players

Situational Blindness is many things, but it's not simple. This is a game that's gone on to it's 3rd semester, and has been filled to bursting with people who all wanted to cause trouble. They all got their wish. Even the ones who didn't wish it got it. But, before I can start, I need to outline all the characters who are in this dark tale. Things change so quickly from time to time that I think a general guideline is absolutely necessary, so I have provided it.

 I have plans to either end Situational Blindness this semester or next semester. It's my longest running (and thus far, most successful) game, and I've had a blast with it. Fortunately, so have they (for the most part). And it honestly wouldn't have worked without  any of the following crazy bastards.

Vladmir: (Season 1-2.5) Vladmir is a human paladin. Eleven years ago, Vladmir was a famer, married to an eladrin lady who wanted to run away from the bureaucracy and depraved religion of the elves. One day Vladmir found a dying man in his fields, who gave him an incredible gift: a shard of the god Bahamut.The shard was not meant to be given to an untrained initiate, however, and Vladmir lost his memory.

Char: (Season 1) Char is an invoker of Bane. His actual name is forgotten. The name indicates he's of the Char race from Guild Wars.

Poultrin: (Season 1) Poultrin was an elf warlord who became an elf invoker later on in the story. Little is known of his backstory other than that, but all you need to know at the moment is he is the most influential person in this story. There are lots of "almost's" (Gant, Didier, and Thade come to mind), but pound for pound no one has influenced the game like Poultrin has. Why? Stay tuned ;)

Gant Arro: Shift the name around, and you'll get the essence of the character ;) Gant is a sociopathic eladrin rogue who wants to destroy all the goblins he can find, but only because he wants his own race, the already-powerful-and-in-control-of-an-empire elves, to become stronger. Ba

Thade: (Season 1-2) Thade is a drow bard who later became a seeker MC'ed into Beastmaster Ranger. Thade was a slave (the drow are slaves to the other elven races in this world) who fell in love with Ila Merinbourne, the daughter of his master. They decided to run away and get married, and have been hunted by the Merinbourne's ever since.

Ila Merinbourne: (Season 1-2) Ila Merinbourne is an eladrin cleric, and a damned good one. I can't remember a single session where spending one healing surge due to her Healing Word didn't recover at least half health. Granted, she's a pacifist. But still. Anyway, she fell in love with Thade and the two ran off, trying to find a place where the two of them could live together in peace.

Talnor: (Season 1, shows up as a guest from time to time in other seasons) Talnor is a monk who left who left his monastery to see the world. Meeting up with this group is about the last thing anyone would expect (or want).

Didier: (Seasons 1-3) Dider is an elven ranger with a starting Constitution of 9. The fact that he survived so long was... a mystery. You'll see why when we get there. Anyway, Didier was originally put into the party to kill Vladmir. Just be a bit patient.

Nicell: (Seasons 2.5-present) Shardmind battlemind, who became a runepriest later. Nicell is yet another amnesiac who is looking for something I can't talk about in this post right now.

Garrett (Seasons 2.5-present) Halfling Rogue. Garrett was an orphan, who was hired by the Royal Guard for his skills at stealth and sniping. More than that I cannot say.

Gore: (Season 3-present) Child drow who heard dark voices and gained the ability to blow things up. All you need to know at this point.

Eela: (Season 3-present) A hammadryad Bard, who was just introduced, so we don't have much beyond that at the moment.

Valanae: (Season 2-present) An eladrin Psion. She was friends with Vladmir's wife (and was one of Vladmir's babysitters when he was younger!), and also fell in love with a human, who died due to circumstances you'll find out about later.

Grarg: (Season 1) A half-orc barbarian who was in it for shits and giggles.

I think that's it. If not, I'll add more later.