Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo

OK, so in short: I liked it. A lot. A hell of a lot. Here's the break down:

The Good

  • The story. Holy crap. 
  • The characters. Again, holy crap.
  • The art style. I know some people will really hate it, but I love it. It's AWESOME.
  • I have not read the book, but I liked this thing so much I went out and bought it.
The Bad
  • World exposition. Why do I care that the Empire and Earth are at war again? Oh wait, I don't? What a pity.
  • ANYTHING WITH A MECH. These scenes suck, because they don't really fit with the art style of the rest of the anime. Oh, and they're just awful, period.
  • THE OPENING. Good Lord that thing is awful.
  • The last episode. Totally unnecessary.
  • The fact that Albert ALMOST starts acting like Shinji Ikari. That made me a bit mad.
Oh,  go masturbate over Asuka's body some more, ya wuss!
The Ugly
  • This a pretty inspirational story, really. The second to last episode really showed me something I wanted to do in a novel some day.
Despite the fact that my "Bad" list is longer than my "Good" list, I really really like this anime. What it does well it does really well, whereas the bad things aren't really that important. Ultimately, I'd definitely recommend it. Watch this anime if you can. Put up with the art style if you can, because the story is more than worth it.