Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The City's Lights: The Decision to Be Better

As always, I would like to thank Clannad Central for all their lovely videos. Thanks, guys, for all your help with The School's Trees and now, with The City's Lights. It's much appreciated.


To me this is one of the most interesting clips from well... anything... I've ever watched. Most of it is just Tomoya complaining about how much life sucks, with a bit of advice that's spoken as much for him as it is for Nagisa. There's nothing really all that revolutionary about a bitter teenager complaining, really. But something really important does happen here. Tomoya meets Nagisa, and they make the decision to be better people.which is what the next few episodes are for. Tomoya and Nagisa attempt to break out of their respective funks, each in their own way.

ERHEM. In their own ways!!!

What I found so odd about these beginning episodes was how intentionally awkward the writers made Tomoya and Nagisa. Both of them had no real indication for romance at all, and it showed. The only thing really connecting the two of them is their shared moment. There isn't a magical "it all gets better" button. It's long and slow and arduous, and the two of them have to wrestle with their own inner crap to be able to make this decision. Ultimately, however, they both want to be better people, and that discontent with being less than what they can be is the thing keeping them together for the first four episodes of the show.

And then they meet Fuko.

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