Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ridiculous Search (3/15/2012)

Sometimes people just surprise me, and I have no idea what the in the world to tell them. Sometimes, however, I know EXACTLY what to tell them. For instance, here's this week's Ridiculous Search.


Um, question, what the hell is wrong with you??? You want to take an anime and visual novel that's about the purity of love and make porn out of it? Don't get me wrong, the Clannad girls are cute and all, but wanting to see them naked, I think you sorta missed the point of Clannad entirely

It's about this.

 NOT about seeing Fuko naked. Or, in the case of a GIF, Tomoya having sex with one of the girls.


God, what a creepy idea.

So yeah, WAY TO FAIL.

Tune in next week, folks, where we'll find out how full of fail humanity is again!