Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Revenge of the Countess of Fire Chapter Three

These are the notes from my Burning Wheel game Revenge of the Countess of Fire. I figured that now that we're at a certain point I'll put up the play report. Check out the tag "Revenge of the Countess of Fire" for more posts!

  • Thieran contacts Kincaid mentally and informs him of their capture. Kincaid set out to rescue them, sneaking up to the camp. 
  • We now introduce Claire Romar, a militar seer of the Church, who's heading in the direction of the orcs, coincidentally enough! She sees the flames, and goes to check it out. But just as she steps on a stick and attracts attention...
  • Thieran and The Hungry One get free of their bons.
  • The Hungry One defeats a troll! General kicking of butt ensues.
  • Thieran and Luke bump into each other, and try to catch up. Kincaid commands Thieran to kill Luke, but Thieran is unsuccessful, killing Luke's horse instead.
  • Kincaid tries to kill Luke himself, but is hindered by Claire and The Hungry One. He is disarmed by Thieran.
  • Kincaid challenged Luke to a Duel of Wits
    • Kincaid's terms: Your uncle deserved to die, let me go. 
    • Luke's terms: You killed my uncle, and will be treated as the murderer that you are. 
  • Kincaid won, but only narrowly. A major compromise was owed: Kincaid would not be brought in for murder, but must help Luke negotiate with Elenor. Turns out that the other baronies were getting ready to go to war over the theft of the spiders, and Luke wanted to avert that. Kincaid accepted the terms, thus earning his player a deed's point. 
  • On the way back to the castle The Hungry One was cornered by Jarl, who asked in his own backwards way for help. The Hungry One turned him down.
  • Jarl runs away in a rage, and kidnaps Thieran in revenge for driving him away from the barony. The others come to the rescue, and Jarl runs, vanishing in a puff of smoke. Everyone continued on, confused as to what happened to Jarl.
  • Jarl appears in a prison, face to face with Luke's wife, the Countess of Fire...