Saturday, April 6, 2013

Revenge of the Countess of Fire Chapter Five

These are the notes from my Burning Wheel game Revenge of the Countess of Fire. I figured that now that we're at a certain point I'll put up the play report. Check out the tag "Revenge of the Countess of Fire" for more posts!

Four months pass. In this time:

  • Kincaid has gone with The Hungry One out into the world. Kincaid has raised up revolutions all over the place over the slavery issue, causing trouble everywhere. He has tried to master The One in the Deep, and has failed.
  • Elenor and Claire, along with Luke and Marion, have called a council of nobles to discuss the slavery issue. So far no actual progress has been made.
  • Thieran vanished three months ago, and hasn't been heard from.
Four months later...

Kincaid and The Hungry One have finally returned to the Markov Barony. The very next day the Thomas Markov, the only child of Thomas and Marion Markov, is found murdered by Claire Romar. Claire examined the scene and ascertained that the cut was so clean it couldn't have been a human knife that made the cut.  The neck was held so that blood sprayed out all over the wall. Obviously someone did it with clear intent to cause as much carnage as possible, and wasn't human.

Luke said he was only a boy, talking about an empty bird's nest the other day... Claire vows to find the murderer. Marion comes in and, according to Elenor, is shocked, sad, happy, and excited, and quickly walks away. She tries reaching out to Elenor, but all of a sudden pulls away. Elenor, suspicious but wanting to help, follows Marion. Marion enters a glade in a forest and falls to her knees, asking why it was necessary for her son to die. She consoles herself, saying that it will all be alright when "He's" dead.

Claire, suspecting Kincaid, goes over to arrest him. She talks to The Hungry One and Kincaid, but she finds that there's no evidence linking Kincaid to the murder. She enlists Kincaid and The Hungry One in the investigation. 

The Hungry One goes out to investigate, and finds Elenor and they start investigating together. They go back to the glade where Elenor had seen Marion, and find a man sitting there, weeping and covered in blood. The Hungry One questions the man, but realizes that the man is lying when he says that he didn't murder anyone.  They take him back to Markov, and find out that the man is normally a sleepwalker. Only this time he murdered his wife. When he went in and out of the town Claire had felt a terrible evil presence. 

That's when everyone hears screams coming from the town outside. People come running outside, blood on their hands, screaming that they didn't do it, Asking for guidance from God, Claire hears "Under the city". There are catacombs in the city, and everyone heads for them. They brush past the guard to the catacombs since Claire is of sufficient rank in the Church hiearcy (the catacombs are guarded by the Church). Coming to one of the main burial sites, and they find a secret entrance. Elenor tossed a stone down the hall, and someone comes out in the fullplate of the Church. He recognizes Claire, although Claire does not recognize him. Elenor notices that the man doesn't know how to wear the armor he's wearing, and certainly isn't wielding the sword well. He asks to join them, but upon questioning he tries to run away. Kincaid pops out of nowhere, however, and stabs him in his sword arm. The man drops his arm and charges the group. The Hungry One blocks him, and knocks him over. Upon interrogation he admits he was hired to help with the string of murders, and asks to be let go. Kincaid knocks him out, and Elenor volunteers to take him to the surface.

The rest turn to face the dark hallway...