Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Revenge of the Countess of Fire Chapter Two

These are the notes from my Burning Wheel game Revenge of the Countess of Fire. I figured that now that we're at a certain point I'll put up the play report. Check out the tag "Revenge of the Countess of Fire" for more posts!

  • Kincaid snuck into Aldwyn Markov's castle, and killed him while he was hunched over something bright. A stone fell into Kincaid's hands. The One in the Deep began speaking to him. Kincaid became his thrall... and is now connected to Thieran.
  • The Hungry One asked Elenor for the spider mentioned in Chapter One, and Elenor refuses him. She feels that something's off.
  • Jarl is not happy with this, and he tortures The Hungry One instead of the spider.
  • Elenor notices that The Hungry One has burns from Jarl's electrocution torture, and asks him about it. A Duel of Wits ensues:
    • Elenor's terms: Trust me over Jarl, and tell me where you got those burns.
    • The Hungry One's stakes: Leave me alone. Drop it. 
  • Elenor wins  by a lot, and gets a clean win. The Hungry One tells her about everything Jarl is up to, included his plans to oust Elenor as Baroness and take over as Baron Grinslow. 
  • Jarl comes to attack The Hungry One later that night, but Elenor and Thieran drive him off. Jarl flees the barony in disgrace. 
  • Kincaid starts for Elenor's barony after setting fire to Castle Markov. Luke Markov, Aldwyn's nephew, becomes the new baron. 
  • Thieran and The Hungry One resolve to track the orcs and get captured. As they're being trussed up for the feast that's to occur in three days time in honor of The Void, Thieran realizes that a new moon will be coming soon...

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