Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Revenge of the Countess of Fire, Chapter One

This is the chronicle of the first Burning Wheel game I've run that I feel comfortable with. If you want to see the other parts, please click on the tag at the bottom! As a quick side-note, there's some other stuff below "Background Info" that also stars these characters. What you're reading now is a soft reboot of the story that we'd decided upon after a few unsuccessful sessions.

  • Kincaid, Honey, The Hungry One, and Thieran are bringing the spiders they rescued from the surrounding baronies to Elenor's barony for protection. On the way they're intercepted by Baron Aldwyn Markov, Thieran's father. Aldwyn's brought a whole contingent of orcs with him. They're led by an enormous man in black who bears a black greatsword. Battle ensues.
  • The Hungry One runs from the Man in Black, refusing to help Thieran.
  • Thieran kills the Man in Black, but not before the stranger kills Honey, head of the spider-resistance movement and Kincaid's protege. 
  • Thieran discovers that the Man in Black was Baron Grinslow, Elenor's father. He also discovers that, upon picking up Grinslow's sword, he is now under the mind-control of his father Aldwyn, and may not relinquish the sword. Thieran is ordered to spy on Elenor and Kincaid's operation. 
  • The rest of the orcs are driven off by Kincaid's angry elven songs. 
  • Kincaid attempts to name Elenor elf-friend for having Honey's body buried, but his heart is so broken he can't sing anymore. He decides to get revenge, and leaves to kill Aldwyn
  • Thieran gets in trouble with Elenor for having her former father's sword. She tries to drag the truth out of Thieran and, while unsuccessful, realizes that something's wrong with him.
  • Meanwhile, Jarl tells The Hungry One to get him a spider from Elenor so he can satisfy his dark urges on someone as pitiful as him. The Hungry One goes and intimidates a spider so that when they come to ask him if he wants to be Jarl's "servant" he'll say yes. 
  • Right after that Thieran bumps into The Hungry One, and informs him that his act of cowardice was not unnoticed, and that Thieran's watching him...