Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Trolling of Evangelion: Opening

Disclaimer: Once again, this is all opinion. If have this idea that Evangelion is God's greatest gift to all mankind then not only will you not like what I have to say but you probably shouldn't read it, because this is where the trolling starts.

Opening's are very important things to analyze, because they can tell you a lot about the anime. Take, for instance, FMA Brotherhood's first opening, "Again"

This opening tells you in a minute and a half what the show is about, and it does it in the most awesomest way possible (yes, I said it like that). Granted, FMA is a classic, but so is Evangelion. In fact, it's the classic that made our generation of anime plausible. So it's gonna have a kick butt opening, right?

... no... It's not...

HORNS? Really? Something this upbeat for a show that's about the end of the world? Call me picky, but nice upbeat horns do NOT communicate "end of the world scenario" to me. Unless they're badly played, but even then they only spell the end of the world for the dummy who's playing them, not the whole world itself. I've heard this show is just downright depressing, and it starts with ****ing horns?

It's almost as bad of a musical choice as the music at the end of the second Evangelion Rebuild movie.

(Go to about 9:20 on the video if you don't want to watch the rest, although it makes the disconnect even worse if you do so)

"But it's children singing about hope", you'll say. Um, yeah, the people on the screen are talking about the end of the world. I don't think of children singing when I think end of the world and the possible deaths of millions. I think of properly dark and awesome songs. So it's not like they ever learn their mistakes. The theme song just doesn't fit my vision of what Evangelion's opening would be. "But it was in the 90's", someone's gonna say. "They didn't know any better". Don't insult Evangelion, or people from the 90's for that matter. Good music is timeless, and always has been. The particular meanings of music may fade (Gregorian chant was based off of bar songs, for instance), but the music itself? If it's good it'll reach out to everyone. If this show is supposed to be the messiah of anime, it needs the messiah of openings. And it just doesn't have it, which flies in the face of everything I've ever learned about anime. This is not a good sign for those who wish to tell me that this anime is good.

OK, I need to calm down. I need to listen to something good. Excuse me.

OK, I feel better. Thank goodness there's anime out there that know how to make a proper opening.

EDIT: Someone pointed out my mistake. Evangelion was written in 1995, not in the 80's. I would like to say this is because of misinformation given to me... but it's not. I goofed. Oh well. Hope it made for some laughs while the mistake was there.