Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Nightmare I Had

Last night I went to the hospital for horrific stomach pains. After a blood test and a CAT scan they said it was probably extremely bad gas. I got home at 3:30 am, doped up on pain killers, and had one of the weirdest nightmares ever.

I dreamed that a friend of mine and I (whose face I do not remember) were yanked into hell willingly, where we attempted to make a deal for power... if we did a few tasks. Each task (now very fuzzy) was stranger and more amoral than the last, until finally the two of us could no longer endure. We demanded our immediate release. The demon that was keeping us down there (known to us as Minerva or Athena) started to show us the contract that we had written, when I grabbed it and tossed it into a nearby lava pit. Blue-white light pierced through the walls, and the whole room started shaking. The old hag known as Lust ran by, terrified. As I reached out for the light I woke up with a start.

Pain meds have some interesting effects, don't they?