Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coming Soon...

OK, OK, I better explain, considering that just putting up an image won't explain what's going on. For those of who you were following my previous blog The School's Trees you're probably wondering more than anyone else. To clear up a few things:
-No, I am not redoing my Clannad posts from that blog. I'm transferring them over.
-That being said if I can clean up any bad writing that I made (especially in the earlier posts) I will.
-How's this different from a redo? I'm not starting from scratch, and I'm not going to re-watch the show.
-That being said (again) I'll probably do a few extra posts here and there. Commenting on the openings was something I didn't do the first time, I'd like to add that in.
-I will not be transferring anyone else's blog posts from The School's Trees. My blog posts are a single narrative, and that's what I'm transferring.
-This will not compete with my time on Evangelion. If the two have an argument with time Evangelion will win out, if only because I've started a bit of a firestorm on Facebook with my wonderful posts.[/sarcasm]

So expect that next week as well!