Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some House Rules for 13th Age

So, one of the wonderful things about 13th Age is that it's intentionally open and allows for houserules. Here are a few that I'm thinking about.

Fate Points
Pick three traits such as Courageous, Forked Tongue, Wise, or whatever. Whenever you use one of these traits to alter the story in an unforseen or troublesome way you get a Fate Point. You may use a Fate Point to add a +10 Fortune bonus to any d20 roll. You may never have anymore Fate Points than your level.

Fate Points are awarded at the end of the session by popular vote.

Action Points
Everytime you do something heroic that makes everyone else say "Wow, that's AWESOME!" You get an Action Point. Action Points are spent to gain either a Standard or Move action or a reroll on any damage roll (take the higher of the two).

Unlike Fate Points, Action Points are awarded on the spot and can be spent immediately. You may only spend one Action Point an encounter, and you may only keep your level in Action Points in between sessions.

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