Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eden of the East: Anything NOT the Series

Oh good... What the hell is this???
How did something that started out this good end this badly? The TV show was a show about two young people falling in love with the backdrop of Japan falling apart and people trying to save it. It worked, and it worked really damn well! Takizaway and Sake (or however you spell her name) had awesome chemistry and were a blast to watch, so much so that I hoped that it was on purpose.


Particularly ones who aren't good on purpose!

OK, so here's basically the sum up: all the things that work in the TV show? That gets moved to the back burner. The awesome romance and character development that made the show what it was? Yeah, pushed aside. The stuff that was alright, but definitely couldn't stand on its own? Like the stuff about how Japan's falling apart and it needs saving, and all the philosophy that (while fascinating) is in no way shape or form sufficient for a show? That's the stuff that gets moved to the front! Do I find that entertaining?


Do I find it annoying beyond all recognition?

If you haven't picked up on that yet YOU'RE A MORON!

Y'know the worst part? This show had potential. Real potential. If this show was awful from the start I wouldn't be pissed, because I wouldn't have sunk the time into it that I did. I would have just left it alone, and gone about my business, and not bothered to write a review stating how much I liked it. 

The Fail is still not adequately addressed by the above picture. Allow me to insert ANOTHER one. 

... nope! STILL not enough! 

I give up. You get it. Awful ending for what really could have been so much more. I'm done. I'm done!