Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Basic Update

Eh, I'm in the mood to type, but don't know what I want to type about at 8:40 in the morning, waiting for class to start, so I'll write about myself.

Due to the increased workload I've experienced as of recently, this part of my life has slowed down, but before that point things were getting extremely good. My DnD 4EMOD game has been kicking major ass, with three awesome sessions in a row before I had to step back to catch up on school. I'll be running a 15-man Burning Wheel Playtest with "The Sword" adventure in the Adventure Burner (which I now own, review when I'm done reading it!), and adapting it to 15 people. It won't be as bad as it sounds, to be honest. I'm fleshing out the four characters in the adventure to four factions. Elves will probably get the short end of the stick, but will be very powerful. Next week I'll start up the 4EMOD game again with a bang. My poor players...

Not finished yet. But will be soon.
I'm having a blast with my classes so far! They're all pretty challenging and new, since I'm doing media that I've never had the opportunity to experiment with before: encaustics and watercolor. Both mediums are the opposite of acrylic, so I've been having a hard time trying to get used to them. I like what they do, I just can't seem to do it yet! My iconography has taken a bit of a backseat, but I'm almost done with Raphael, and I'll have a picture up by the end of the week. This icon is my best, by far and away, and I'm excited to show you guys what he's like.

Yeah yeah, I know I haven't done many updates this month, but I got some projects for the blog still in my head. I'll be working on 4EMOD very soon again, and finish up the PHB1 and then move on to PHB2, stopping at the Assassin in between. And who can forget anime reviews, along with whatever theology stuff pops into my head? It's coming, folks, trust me. 


Oh, and I played the Mass Effect 3 demo. CanNOT wait.

Going through Code Geass, Trigun, and Disgaea in whatever spare time I have left with Maria and friends. It's been really fun so far. I'll probably have reviews for Code Geass and Disgaea up whenever I'm done with them, respectively.

To say that this is the most improved area of my life is a bit of an understatement. Anyone in long distance relationships can attest to the fact that, once you really start to care for the other, there's a hole in your life. You can laugh and enjoy your life, but you can't ignore the incontrovertible fact that you want the other there to share in everything. It's been a challenge to adapt to her, but I'm finding that she's more than worth my time. If there is proof of God, it is in this: I am loved, and I love.

In Conclusion...
Life is good and stable. I hope it stays that way for at least a little bit longer.