Thursday, February 9, 2012

And Time to Post on Politics...

For the record, I did say the only thing that wouldn't be talked about on this blog was plumbing. So too bad for the people who didn't want to read about politics and religion on this blog, cause you're SOL. Anyway, unless you live under a rock you're aware that the Obama Administration has officially forgotten something very very important. It's called... I don't know... it's a piece of paper a long time ago... pretty important... probably the most important document since the Bible (no joke)... I just can't remember...

Oh well. The only difference between Obama and I? I'll remember at some point because it's something that'll just come back to me. Obama obviously has no basic understanding of whatever document it is, because the document I can't remember the name of is pretty clear that religious rights should not be trampled on.

It's the Magna Carta, right? That was a pretty important document too! But I just know that can't be it... I'll remember eventually.

Anyway, point being, apparently Obama thought this wasn't much of an intrusion on our rights.

What? He thought this wasn't an intrusion on our rights as stated in the Communist Manifesto? In what universe? This is so damn basic that the most dumb part of the Catholic Church, the liberals who want women-priests (and think they have legitimate historical arguments!), are pissed. I mean, Obama, these are the people who normally support you for the thirty pieces of silver they need to go hunt werewolves in their alternate universe, and even they think it's a bad idea! Even Joe Biden thought this was a bad idea (Y'know, the guy who threatened to shove his rosary beads down someone's throat for telling him he wasn't Catholic? Mr. Subtlety and Loyal?)! How does this not ring the "Oh Dear God This is a Bad Policy" bell? Or did you break that bell with Obama Care?

OK, I'm done. Sorry. I figured that after all the sarcasm that was just posted I owed you a few lines of actual, serious, text. This legistlation is wrong. I am with the Catholic bishops. This tramples on our rights in a way that's just as basic as being able to revoke our citizenship at any time for any reason. This piece of... (I don't want to call it legislation but too much foul language on a blog gets annoying) legislation attacks the basic human need for healing.

So yeah, this is monstrous. It needs to be repealed. Now would be good, please and thank you Mr. President.

And it's totally the Articles of Confederation, BTW's.

EDIT: And it's gotten worse. Stupid stupid stupid.