Monday, September 24, 2012

Commentary on Mike Mearls' Thoughts

Mike Mearls comments on the new packet that went up a few weeks ago for DnDN, and finally addresses the principle problem of DnD: healing. Well, actually, sorry, that's not the principle problem that DnD has when it comes to injuries, it's hit points. Let me explain.

When DnD was in it's old school phase up through 3rd edition, hit points were very low. This represented a character's ability to take a death blow and turn it into a scrape with armor, luck, and skill. Obviously, most people don't have a lot of luck, because eventually your HP went to 0 and you got hit, at which point your poor character would go down. HP makes sense when it's not very high, because you could conceivably say that your character isn't actually getting hit and believe it. 10-50 HP allows for a pretty good representation of a person's luck, endurance, and skill.

So what's that got to do with healing? No actual damage has been dealt, so why bother healing? Why not regen your HP fully? I mean, it makes sense in the middle of battle for a cleric to restore your.... gah.... story stuff is SO CONVOLUTED!

Remind me to never use HP in any game I design in the future, guys. Not without seriously taking it apart and thinking it over again.