Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Brief Gaming Check-In

So, my brain's fried and I'm pretending to type notes for AnP, but I want some amount of brain activity. Is it bad that the most difficult thing I can think to do is blog on what I've been doing for gaming recently? Well, currently I've got two live games, and an online game that needs to be finished up.

Revenge of the Countess of Fire, Burning Wheel
Based off the Count of Monte Cristo, Revenge of the Countess of Fire has had three sessions so far and, while it's first two sessions were a bit low-key, has begun to pick up with the last session (which I still need to do a write-up on). I'm  really liking playing Burning Wheel with a smaller group, because I can finally have the feel of a larger novel where there's just character-building chapters. The game has this feel of "we'll get there eventually" and I'm really liking that. I finally have my epic-story-line-game that'll take years to play. Aaaaaaah... the water's so nice and warm...

Thrawn, Burning Empires
Gosh, this game has been awesome right out the gate, for exactly the opposite reasons why Revenge of the Countess of Fire is awesome! This game has gone through one not-world-building-session, but it's extremely focused and fast-paced with more frequent awardings of artha. From a mechanical standpoint this game has been surreal, and the story's going pretty well so far too (I have to do a play report for this game too).

The Happenings at Port Sumac, Mouse Guard
This is the online game I was running over the summer, and it got this close to being completed, but then life happened.. yeah, we still need to finish. The game has had a lot of technological issues to such an extent that the game has suffered as a result. I hope to get the game done soon, though. My players deserve a good ending.

So, as you can see, I'm spending a lot of time with Luke Crane's games What can I say, the man's a genius and I'm having a blast!

What might be coming up for the online gaming community is a game of Misspent Youth, and My Life with Master is in the mail, and coming to my door.... oh! Andy owes me a Burning Wheel game! I wish to collect. Not that he's ignorant of it, by now. I did post on his Facebook demanding my game. We'll see if he's like a PEZ dispenser in that regard.