Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Am Very Disappointed (Rant)

By this.

Let me explain.

For those of you who read this blog who are still unaware, I am Byzantine Catholic. Essentially, I am one of the Orthodox Christians who reunited with Rome a few centuries back. We rejoined with two caveats: that we be allowed to stay true to our theology and liturgy (which is different than the Roman Mass), and that we be allowed to keep our married priests.

Oh, wait, what? The Catholic Church allows married men to be ordained?

They sure as hell allowed for it then.

The Orthodox Church has considered married parish priests essential to its ministry since the beginning of the universal Church 2000 years ago. At one point the West had married clergy as well, but that shifted around the 8th century for reasons that the East has never approved of. Not ever. Rome's response has always been one of naive tolerance. "We are Rome, so therefore everything we do is better", has been their attitude for almost as long as Rome has existed. Anyone who is an Eastern Catholic is acutely aware of the prejudice, and takes it about as silently as one is able to.

Well, I've had enough of that. Rome has, once again, overstepped its bounds in its naive idea that it is superior to all others, an idea that is unfounded on any amount of serious reading of history and common sense. I've had enough of the spiritual descendants of Bishop Ireland, that scumbag of arrogance (may he rest in peace, it's a lot better than he ever gave us!) making power plays over us.

My message to my fellow Roman Catholics who agree with the scumbag of arrogance is:

Our origins have little to nothing to do with you, and I am not impressed by your insistence that you are better. Become educated so I can actually take you seriously.

For the rest of my Latin brethren who try to defend the Cardinal's decision: get the hell out of my way. Rome has no right to do what it did, and the fact that B16 did not announce this personally is of little consequence, as his man "over" us (as if they can be!) did. What the Cardinal did is as close to an act of Rome as there's going to be, short of the Pope himself speaking (which B16 probably won't, he hasn't defended us from this idiot before, and there's indication to the opposite).

So, to be clear, I am done pulling punches with people who seem to think that "us Byzantines" are backwards. We are older and, quite frankly, our theology developed while you were still getting destroyed in Rome by the weekly barbarian raids. Everything that you have that you're so proud of came from us, from your Mass to your Rosary to your celibate priests. A little more than an idiotic "well put up with you" is required, seeing as the East is the source of your basic theology. To get respect you must give respect, and I've lost my patience, short as it was to begin with.

(And to those of you who are my friends and who are offended by my referring to the Cardinal as an idiot, please go back to one of the man's earlier statements that clerical celibacy was an apostolic tradition. The fact that that man can even consider such a statement shows a profound ignorance present in all idiots that I've met, hence the term. I am not attacking the office, he is a bishop after all. But the man? If there's anyone who has earned wrath, it is him. And I will not stay silent anymore. Will my temper eventually calm down? Of course. But do not think it will change my opinion of Rome, for it is a reaction against what Rome thinks of itself. My opinion will change when Rome wises up, and not a moment before.)