Monday, May 14, 2012

The City's Lights: Cute as a Button

Oh gosh, Kotomi... how cute you are. So very very... oh.... wait.. this seems familiar. 

Nah, couldn't be. They wouldn't. Right? The fact that it's Jun Maeda not-withstanding. They're both very very cute girls, everyone loves them, they lose their parents as kids, everyone loves them, and when they both need something the entire world steps up to the plate and gives them what they need... interesting. The fit's pretty damn close to perfect, actually, and I'm not just talking about their situation. Both of them are themselves to such an extent that people can't help but want to help them with their goals. Kotomi preps us for Ushio, by showing that it's possible for people who never even met Kotomi can be impacted by her plight and that they'll want to help. The fact that it's a suitcase is of no consequence,  because the incident with Fuko proved all that people need is a physical object to help them remember or to know what's going on. Kotomi's impact is to show the possibility of a world-wide impact, which is crucial for poor Ushio.

So far, we've learned that not only do you not have to have been "present" to have people connect with you, but that they only really need your name and a cause to help with a miracle. Interesting, because next week we'll meet up with Tomoyo...

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