Friday, May 22, 2015

Star Wars House Rules

Last week I wrote a review about Edge of the Empire. While I praised the game's dice mechanic I wasn't so gung-ho about it's other systems. These are the little tweaks that my group and I have made to the far.

Ditch the Obligation Rolls... at first. I love the concept of not knowing how the session is going to go. Yes, I'm one of those GMs. So the idea of rolling to see who's getting the spotlight this session appeals to me. But all stories need the set-up, where arcs are introduced. And I like getting that sorta thing outta the way. So my solution? Just have everyone go, one at a time, right out the gate. After everyone's Obligation's been introduced and played once then you can start rolling randomly to see what happens, because then you've got a base to build the randomness on. 

Destiny Points. Ugh. The idea's a good one, they just don't work! The player spends a Destiny point to upgrade a dice, and what's the GM going to do? Upgrade a dice right back. Nothing happens to the point totals and it all stay static. That's boring. To make things more dynamic my group and I have made the following modifications.
  1. Take the 1 Point per Roll Limit Off. This allows you to spend multiple points to get one big effect, if you really need to. Or for the GM to just bring on the pain when the arc calls for it.
  2. Points No Longer Immediately Switch Over. Instead they shift at the end of a scene, at the GM's discretion. So you actually have to watch what happens with your points, because if the players spend them all and the GM doesn't spend any the next scene is going to be painful. Essentially it turns the Destiny Points into an actual resource that the players watch very carefully as opposed to something they spend cause they know they'll get it back almost immediately. 
That's all we have the for the moment, but I'm really wanting to work on something to fix the XP issues I have with the game. More when I discover it!