Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christ the Teacher, Part 1

So this is my attempt to make a stable iconographical style for myself. I decided to start with THE teacher of us all, Christ. The icon's still in process, but I find that I've already learned a lot both spiritual and aestheticaly from working on this one. I decided to do the blue highlights on the flesh for two major reasons.

  1. I've always believed that Christ, while comforting and peaceful and kind, is not comfortable. Thanks to our fallen nature Christ's glory and kindness are not entirely easy for us to absorb at times. Since the canons do not forbid me from doing blue highlights on the face and since it doesn't seem to violate any of the positive commands that I do know about, I decided a good way of showing beauty without necessarily making it comfortable would be the blue.
  2. I LOVE blue highlights, also known as double reflections. There's something so incredibly peaceful about them, I couldn't help but want to put them on the face. 
Ultimately we all sit at the teacher's feet and absorb what He has to show to us, regardless of how OK we are with it or not.

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