Thursday, February 28, 2013

FreeMarket Read-Thru Review

For any hard-core DnD nerd, this game is nothing short of a mystery. How the hell can this game exist? It's a game that discourages all the traditional tropes that we expect of role-playing games. There are no driving needs in this fiction that we could normally identify: you won't die if you don't do anything. You can just coast along if you'd like.

But where's the fun in that?

Nothing, of course! So what's the point of the game? You wanna make something, but space and resources are limited, so you have to prove that your ideas have merit to the general populace. You have to earn their approval and respect, otherwise you'll get thrown off the station.

The basic mechanics of the game use custom cards provided in the box set. Whenever you set out to do almost any task you play it out. This card game is very suspenseful and can strategic, considering it's based on random draw.

It wouldn't be a Luke Crane game without some form of player direction, and this game has that in the form of Memories, long term and short term. The Super User (GM) is supposed to take these as inspiration for the session, and is supposed to cross-pollinate people's Memories with each other for story hooks. I found their section on GMing to be incredibly informative and helpful, to the point that I'll start using their ideas for my next game.

 There's one significant disadvantage to this game: the price. 65 bucks! It's hefty and hurtful, and what's more, the print run is limited. I don't know if they'd run out yet, but they hadn't when I ordered mine. There's a PDF, but there's no instructions as to how to assemble your own deck, and no way to order replacements/extras. I'm hoping Sorensen and Crane eventually fix this problem, because it could be a major problem with the longevity of playing this thing. Ultimately, though, you can construct your own deck and play this thing out.

These are my thoughts before a play-through. I'll write another review when that's done, folks!

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