Friday, August 10, 2012

Holy Shi.. I Mean... Dollhouse

Imagine, if you will, your TV shows as being like food. Your common sitcoms are the basics you find at any grocery store: they'll do, but you know you can find better if you look a little bit harder. Soap operas are the White Castle of fast food joints, attracting a particular taste, but being awful overall. You can find some foreign food sitting around, but it's probably a bit harder to find in it's "native" setting. With me so far? Good.

Dollhouse is that five-star course meal which is made by the finest chefs in all the land, and it's SO good and SO awesome that you go weak in the knees when you taste it, because you only thought you knew perfection before, but by God you know it now. There's a little bit of everything in this meal, but the meal itself is so frickin' rich and good that you really don't need all that much to begin with.

In other words: Dollhouse is the best American TV show I've ever seen. You really can't do better in terms of plot, characterization, twists, and just sheer bad-assery. This is science fiction at it's best and finest, and quite frankly blows anything more well-known out of the water, Firefly included.

Yes, you heard me. Joss Whedon finally one-upped himself.

I don't wanna give too much of the show away, but Dollhouse is about an organization that takes volunteers, wipes their minds, and imprints them with new personalities to suit a particular client's wishes. Each episode you mostly follow the adventures of Echo, one of the volunteers who does a rather phenomenal job of getting things done. The show's major focus is on free will and whether it's real or not.

The only complaint I have about this show? Due to people not liking it (for reasons that I STILL do not understand) it only lasted two seasons, when it's clearly supposed to go for at least four. That means the ending's rather rushed, but even there Dollhouse manages to produce a better ending than almost all the American shows I've ever seen (short of Scrub's season 8 ending, however. Kinda hard to top that one).

FIND THIS SHOW, AND WATCH IT. I would program you to do it, but I don't have Topher's mad skillz.