Monday, January 2, 2012

Situational Blindness: Races

I'll be posting my campaign notes online, but to do that, I have to set up the races and cultures first. These are the race sand cultures that are a prominent part of the world and the storyline so far.

Char: Use the stats of a gnoll, but add fire damage to the encounter power. Char are a war-like race that count Bane, the god of Conquest, as their chief. They're highly competitive and simple.

Eladrin, Elf, and Drow: All three of these races form the Elvish Empire, known for their vast naval fleet. The empire is divided into four castes: eladrin, elf, other races, and slaves (drow). There is a state religion dedicated to Sehanine and Corellon, one involving ritual sex and indulgence in the finer things of life. Drow are entirely reviled as the dirty lower class.

Human: Humans are in fierce competition with the Char, and are currently at a draw with them. Humans are not necessarily all spread out, and are in their own empire.

Vampire: The scourge of the known world and the elves, vampires are the singular most important race on the entire continent. Immortal and impossibly powerful, the vampires have been held in check by the elves for centuries, despite massive victories for the vampires (including taking over the former capital of the Elven Empire, Paris, which they used as a massive slaughtering house).

Wyrms: Also known as dragonborn, wyrms are humanoid-ish draconic humanoids that can transform into drake form. They're known for their combat prowess, and are responsible for the much lower population of dragons that exist in this realm.

There are other races in this world: avians (shapeshifting flyers) mutants (kalashtar), dwarves (who are mostly underground), and halflings. But the above are the power players on the continent, which has no name as of yet.