Monday, October 17, 2011

Five More Awesome Anime Openings

Yeah, this is totally against whatever schedule I wrote up, but I like anime openings, so there. These are five openings that I think are pretty dang good.

Baka To Test's First Opening

This opening has the same unfortunate side effect as Durarara's: it makes me want to dance. Granted, it's more like a dance of happiness and stupidity, but it's still a dance...

Ergo Proxy

After posting my five favorite anime openings, someone told me I needed to see Ergo Proxy. I made a mental note, since I had a lot to do. At Benedictine I was finally in the mood for something new, and one of my friends owned the dub, so I watched it. To make a long story short (too late!) I found the show to be pretty good, but the opening?

Bloody fantastic. So good that I downloaded the full version! Thanks for the recommend!

Angel Beats
Piano? Yes please. This song is beautiful, and I find myself whistling it all the time. It's also cool that the girl who's playing the piano's name means "to play a song". Nothing less than what I'd expect from something written by Jun Maeda.

Eden of the East (Broadcast)
Notice how I said broadcast version? Yeah, the DVDs have a different opening, due to copyright arguments with Oasis. And it's a damn shame, too, because this opening is amazing. It has a similar feeling to Ergo Proxy's, and that can only be a good thing.


The Second Deathnote Opening

Ok, so that totally wasn't what anyone would expect for me to put up as an "awesome opening", but hear me out. A large part what makes an opening good is the tone that it sets for the show. The opening is supposed to help set up the audience for the show. That's almost exclusively why Clannad: Afterstory's opening is my favorite: because it summarizes, informs, and sets you up for the show so well that when you watch the show you realize what the writers are trying to get at, based off the opening alone. Very few shows get openings at that level of quality, and I'd say that, in its own dark and twisted way, the second Deathnote opening does that very well. Is it a weird death-metal-ish song, that has almost no aesthetic appeal? Yup. Does it sound insane? Yup.

But consider this: the first Deathnote opening was about Light's dreams of being a god in a world that he had made, and the hope that he had. With the death of L Kira starts to genuinely lose his sanity. Do you need to know that in the anime? You almost don't, because this opening is so nutty and repulsive that people turn it off, because they don't want to see what Kira has turned into.

This is the true essence of Light Yagami, people, this is your supposed anti-hero. Take a good look, because it's not pretty.